Eat. Delicious Tuesday.

I’ve told you I would post one delicious and easy recipe every Tuesday in July. Today: Strawberry Vodka Icepops. I saw a recipe similiar to this one in a magazine a couple of weeks ago and had to try it immediately. This one is an improved version – I mixed the berries to get more fruity flavour. You’ll love the result + it’s a great thing to bring to a potluck dinner or to a BBQ with your best friends.

For 10 icepops you need:

100 g Berries ( I chose strawberries and rasberries) – 200 ml Lime Soda (f.e. Sprite) – 40 ml Vodka.

That’s how:

Wash berries – Mix berries – Blend one half and keep the other one for decoration – Mix Sprite and Vodka – Put berries in the icepop forms – Add Sprite/Vodka Mix – Freeze for at least four hours.



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