Craft. Studded Slippers.

Everywhere you can see studded slippers and loafers lately. I totally fell in love with the combination of suede shoes and studs / rhinestones, so I had to try it myself. Applying the rhinestones requires much patience, but I think the final … Continue reading

Eat. Homemade Basil Pesto.

Yesterday Carlotta and I spent the afternoon preparing the perfect small present: Homemade Pesto. To bring small presents when you are invited is always a great way to value the host and ones effort to create a great get-together. Of course … Continue reading

This Week’s 4.

This week we took some days off to take a short trip to Bavaria, Germany and enjoyed the last hot days of summer at a gorgeous lake and in the sun. We had a great time and I am so thankful for all those new impressions and … Continue reading

Eat. Beef Quesadillas.

Maybe you have already noticed but we love love love mexican food. That’s why my boyfriend surprised me with this recipe for dinner one night. It is definitely a great one, but we decided to skip the coriander and added … Continue reading

Craft by Carlotta. Tarte Pans.

The other day I came across this funny and really easy way of decorating the walls of your apartment. I saw it in a magazine and instantly knew that I wanted to try it myself. You simply need tarte pans … Continue reading

Flowers from the Market.

Yesterday I bought this gorgeous bundle of white roses at the market and combined it with small purple flowers to match our wall. Decorating your home with fresh flowers seems essential to me. Flowers always give your home a cozy feeling and … Continue reading

Eat. Petit pain au chocolat.

Yesterday I had to think about the delicous sweets we bought on our short trip to France.  To satisfy the desire for pain au chocolat I decided to bake some on my own. Because homemade puff pastry from scratch is pretty difficult and time … Continue reading

This Week’s 4.

This weekend has been amazing: We attended a superfunny silent disco/light show party in a local park and enjoyed amazing fireworks and cocktails with our friends. What did you do over the weekend? Check out the four things that made me absolutely happy this … Continue reading

Eat. Delicious Tuesday. Goat cheese bruschetta.

The goat cheese and baguette we bought in France over the weekend were the perfect ingredients for an easy but excellent summer dish: Green salad with goat cheese bruschetta. [Slice baguette into pieces and sprinkle with olive oil.] [Crumble goat cheese … Continue reading