Craft by Carlotta. Tarte Pans.

The other day I came across this funny and really easy way of decorating the walls of your apartment. I saw it in a magazine and instantly knew that I wanted to try it myself. You simply need tarte pans in different sizes. I bought mine on the flea market for a bargain.

That’s how: Take a sheet of paper or cardboard and cut out circles that fit into your tarte pans. Choose pictures or any other material like pages from an old book or a little mirror and glue the material of your choice onto the cardboard circles. Use Blu-Tack or Pattafix to glue the cardboard circles to the tarte pans. That way you can reuse the tarte pans anytime you want. You can also use Pattafix to stick the tarte pans to your wall. The advantage is that you can remove them without leaving holes in your walls.

What do you think, that’s a pretty easy and lovely way of giving your walls a vintage make-over, isn’t it?


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