Eat. Homemade Basil Pesto.

Yesterday Carlotta and I spent the afternoon preparing the perfect small present: Homemade Pesto. To bring small presents when you are invited is always a great way to value the host and ones effort to create a great get-together. Of course you can use this recipe for yourself as well. It is an easy dish and your guests will love it.

You need: 1 Bunch of fresh basil leaves. 100 gr. Parmesan shavings. 50 gr. Walnuts. 50 gr. Pine Nuts. Olive Oil. Salt and Pepper.

  [Olive Oil. Basil. Walnuts. Pine Nuts. Parmesan. Salt and Pepper.]
  [Roast Walnuts and Pinenuts without Oil. Mix basil, nuts, olive oil and parmesan and blend until smooth. Season with salt and pepper.]
  [Fill pesto into canning  jar and cover with olive oil. Add a unique gift tag. Carlotta simply used brown paper and letter stamps here.]
  [Mix tagliatelle and pesto. Add grated permesan and roasted pinenuts and walnuts. Most important: Enjoy!]

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