O’zapft is!

Since we are from Germany and the Oktoberfest just started a couple of days ago I thought about sharing the delicious bavarian breakfast that we had on Sunday. Apart from the common opinion, that Germans wear Lederhosen and Dirndl all day long (NOT true), the Oktoberfest is indeed a very famous and popular fair in Bavaria, Germany. A lot of Germans go there to have a great time as well as a lot of people from around the world. Besides the beer, Oktoberfest is famous for its typical decoration and its great plain bavarian cooking. Our breakfast consisted of German Weißwurst, Pretzels, a lot of sweets mustard and -of course- Weißbier. It may sound silly to drink beer for breakfast but when you are having an Oktoberfest breakfast once or twice a year it is just part of it. Have you ever been to Oktoberfest? Tell us!

[ Erdinger Weißbier. Weißwurst. Pretzels. The Best Sweet Mustard. Butter.]


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