This Week’s 4.

This weekend we visited one of my best friends and her boyfriend to take a look at their new apartment. She moved to another city to be closer to her man and even I am extremely happy for both of them, I could immediately feel the fear not to see her that often anymore. I miss the time we visited university and saw each other all the time. Nowadays it is sometimes hard to find a day for a dinner date because all of us work so much. But I guess that’s how things evolve when growing up. The best thing you can do is to enjoy those gatherings of old friends to the fullest. And to accept the higher phone bill with a smile. Here are four things that made me smile as well this week.

[Colorful Sweets]

[New DIY Project: Australia shaped magnetboard.]

[On top of my wish list: Feu de Bois Candle by Diptyque] Photo via

[My boyfriend’s homemade fried chicken=Delicious]


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