Carlotta’s Advent Calendar.

4The festive season is coming closer and closer, but since it’s still some weeks until Christmas is finally there, counting the days with the help of an Advent calendar makes this time special. Although we love the Advent calendars filled with chocolate that we still get from our dad each year, we thought about making our very own Advent calendar this year. It’s super easy, cheap and on top of that it gives your living room a festive decoration. (Wait for the super-duper decoration that is included in this Advent calendar…we’ll show it to you mid- December!)


All you need to make this Advent calendar on your own is a large and steady cardboard in the colour of your choice, an old newspaper, a stapler, a hot-glue gun, some more coloured cardboard and a pen.

10Take the newspaper; twist it until you have a nice cornet, then staple it to give it structure. Repeat this progress at least 24 times. When you have created a nice collection of cornets, take the hot-glue gun and glue the cornet on the cardboard.

16Make sure you arrange them in the shape of a large cornet. When you have fixed the paper cornets on the cardboard, you cut out circles from the coloured cardboard and write down the numbers one to twenty-four. (We have glued 26 cornets onto the cardboard to achieve full symmetry.) Glue the circles onto the cornets. Put the Advent calendar on the wall. Fill it with little presents and, if you like, add some decoration such as a chain of lights or some Christmas baubles to make it more glamorous.

6You see, it’s a super easy way of making your own Advent calendar…just take the old newspaper and start yours right away!



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