Valentine’s Day Stationery.

[After sharing with you some inspiration for Valentine’s Day Flowers, Sweet Treats and Gifts, I am happy to share my Valentine’s Day Stationery with you today. Although I love Valentine’s Day I am not a big fan of overpriced flowers, … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day. Sweet Treats.

[Homemade Mints via] Today I want you to enjoy a great selection of sweet Valentine’s Day treats you can prepare to surprise your loved ones with. Don’t they look just gorgeous? xoMila. [Spiral Sugar Cookies via] [Marsmallow Kisses … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day. Gift Guide.

[Beautiful Bracelet via] After yesterday’s ‘Flowers Post’, I want to share a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide today. My picks include jewlery, art and a DIY project. I hope you’ll enjoy. xo Mila. [Magic Letterpress Art via] [Gorgeous Gold … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day. Flowers.

Lovely Bouqet ( Color Combinations ). [via] Words. Homemade Food. Letters. Good Deeds. I think there is nothing more satisfying and special than the knowledge, that somebody cares about you. Just saying “I love you!” , “You are special … Continue reading

This Week’s 4.

[Coloring cupcake batter.] This week was all about pastel colors and succulent-green [is there a name for this kind of green, a green that’s slightly covered with white? If there is: Please help and tell me! :-)] for me. I just … Continue reading

All is see is green.

On Saturday, it started snowing again. To brave the cold outside I brought more springlike colors inside: Lots of green apples, pears and a buch of daffodils. Turns out so much fresh, summery color helps a lot and is an … Continue reading

This Week’s 4.

[Succulent frame via = ♥ ] This week went by so quickly, I can’t believe it is already sunday. We try to fight the winter cold with lots of warm beverages, delicious food [ homemade basil pizza and cinnamon … Continue reading


Lately I fall in love with calligraphy all over again. This romantic and beautiful way of writing. The use of waterbased ink. High quality paper. Hand-lettered cards. Wedding invitations. This is visual art. [via] [via] [via emprint on … Continue reading

Homemade Bagels.

Bagels come closest to the german “Brötchen”, a delicious peace of dough, crispy outside and fluffy inside. I’ve never tried to make bagels at home, because it always seemed totally impossible for me to do all the required steps right. … Continue reading