Valentine’s Day. Flowers.

neu1Lovely Bouqet ( Color Combinations ). [via]

Words. Homemade Food. Letters. Good Deeds. I think there is nothing more satisfying and special than the knowledge, that somebody cares about you. Just saying “I love you!” , “You are special to me!” means so much to the person you love and is the cheapest gift ever. It is just words that you speak but that have such a big effect. So it is no surprise that I absolutely love Valentine’s Day and due to the fact that it’s just around the corner, I thought about collecting some inspiration for the right decoration, sweet treats and flowers for this special day. So let’s dedicate this week to a lot of love, heart, pink and glitter and let’s prep for Valentine’ Day. Happy Monday, everybody! xo Mila.

neu2Valentine’s Wreath. [via]

neu6Vase filled with candy hearts. [via]

neuRoses. [via]

neu5Initials. [via]

neu4Favorite One: Simply a peonie. [via]


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