andrea-y-andres,rancho-palos-verdes-wedding,richelle-dante-photography,disney-tangled-inspired-wedding_image17[Luminous Night via sugarandfluff.com]

lcy_paris_sabrina[Coral Dress in Paris via livecreatingyourself.com]

As I’ve told you on Friday, today is Rosenmontag in Germany and we celebrate a huge street carnival and get all dressed up in funny costumes. Since it isn’t a holiday for most of you guys I wanted to share some lovely pictures with you to put a smile on your face and try to make Monday less awkward. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do. You can find them on my Pinterest as well. Have a wonderful day!  ♥Mila.

94be2bb9f6ce274b89390ccd0d318f6c[Fairy via Pinterest.com]

marisaholmes_044$!x600[Beautiful Carnival Mask via stylemepretty.com]

mwd104251_win09_cttn_candy_vert[Cotton Candy via marthastewart.com]

il_570xN.160538845[Carnival Dress via etsy.com]


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