Hello, Rainbow.


Remember my gold cuff necklace I upgraded using rhinestones? I just love this necklace, I wear it all the time, but to brave the ongoing wintercold I needed something more colorful. A rainbow inspired necklace. So, as I’ve told you on Friday, I went to the crafts store, bought colored rhinestones, cream-colored felt and ribbon and started crafting. Turned out creating your very own necklace is pretty easy and the result is great. In case this necklace is way to colorful for you, you can use a different color of felt and rhinestones as well to get a more classic result.

11[Cut the felt in a perfect necklace shape. Apply the rhinestones by using rhinestone- or textile glue.]

23[Connect ribbon with felt using textile glue.]


6[Cut away overhanging felt.]

8[Enjoy your beautiful and unique statement necklace.]



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