This Week’s 4.

222[Sneek Peak: Delicious chocolate chip cookies.]

Mainly consisting of Fastnacht celebration and Valentine’s Day, this week has been full of love and laughter. There is nothing better, than making your loved ones happy and put a smile on their faces. Priceless! Tomorrow we will spend the night cooking, talking and eating at our friends’ house and I can’t wait to have a great dinner and a glass of wine with some of my favorite people. Besides that, there is plenty to bake next week: Miss Gateau de mes reves was so kind to share her recipe of delicious eclairs – I have to try that / I also like to make homemade pretzels and am a bit afraid because it sounds super difficult / and I just baked the most yummy, moisty, chewy chocolate chip cookies I wanna share with you guys on Tuesday. In the meanwhile I wish you all a sweet and wonderful weekend. x Mila.

giant-safety-pin-12821-p[ekm]335x503[ekm].gif[Stylish: Giant safety pin via rockettstgeorge. Thank you for the inspiration, M!]

111[Puff Pastry filled with honey, rosemary and goat cheese.]

maemae_initial_stamp[In love with this initial rubber stamp by maemaepaperie.]


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