Kitchen Essentials.

Since this week is all about baking for me. [Éclairs, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Panna Cotta and Pretzels] I couldn’t help but think about kitchen essentials. I could spend hours shopping bowls, cakestands, pots and pans, microplane graters or fancy kitchen tools like a melon-ball-scooper [..that I have never used]! What’s your no.1 kitchen essential?

25445719_049_b[Love these Spade Measuring Cups via]

25890120_028_b[Pretty Pretty Connoisseur Saucepan via]

ka_sda_iceblue_lrg_01[Iceblue Kitchenaid via]

31R3JleC00L._SL500_[Beautiful Peugeot Pepper Mill via]

LS2502-3068_full[You can never own enough. Le Creusets Round French Oven via]

26713990_041_b[Cute: Perry Harbour Apron via]

073357_038_b[Perfect for Dinner Parties: Mini Latte Bowl Set via]


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