Breakfast Club.

3I am kind of frustrated right now because I tried to make some yummy crunchy soft tasteful pretzels this morning and it just did not work. All this work and no satisfying result. That hurts. But I won’t give up on this! Do you have a great pretzel recipe and would like to share it?

To cheer me up I opted for something easy: Breakfast Burritos. Healthy, tasteful and a good start into a sunny but cold day.

1[I filled the burritos with sautéed carrots, zucchinis, red bell pepper, tomatoes and kidney beans. Once the veggies are ready I added six scrambled eggs and seasoned it all with pepper, salt and chili flakes.]

7[Simply spoon a portion of the veggie-egg mix into a warm flour tortilla. If you want, you can add some cheese now. Then roll them up by tucking in the sides and rolling them up.]

4[I just wrapped them in individual sheets of parchment paper, so my boyfriend can take them to work and easily re-heat them in the microwave.]

Enjoy! And I really hope you all have a great day!!


2 thoughts on “Breakfast Club.

  1. Hi Mila! This recipe looks healthy and delicious! I’ve only just discovered your blog and I’m glad that I did… your recipes are warming, inspiring and delicious. I’ve never been to Germany (I live in Australia) but my husband visited Berlin for three months a couple of years ago and he’s fallen in love with the culture, climate and people of Germany. I can’t wait to visit myself… especially to drink some warm gluhwein at a Christmas market in the bitter cold! I’m definitely going to try this burrito recipe. Your boyfriend is lucky to get home cooked, transportable breakfasts in the morning! I’ll be following from now on x

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Laura. That means a lot to me and I am glad you like my blog. My boyfriend lived in Sydney for several months and he loved everything about it. So I can’t wait to visit your country. I hope you get the chance to visit Europe/Germany as well. And I can’t wait to visit your blog now! Have a WONDERFUL day! Mila.

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