This Week’s 4.

[My favorite (french) chewing gum since my sister and I were kids: Strawberry flavored Hollywood.] After an enormous fun and joyful week – my boyfriend and I went on a romantic (food shopping) trip to Luxembourg, I met some old … Continue reading

Easter Decoration: Marbled Votives.

I love Easter and I cannot wait for Sunday to arrive to have a great brunch with family and friends. Last years Easter Brunch was such a hit that everybody stayed until dinner, we talked, played board games and listened … Continue reading

Liebster Blog Award.

Liebster Blog Award.

A big thank you to the lovely Sofia from Papaya Pieces for nominating Blue.White.Striped. for the Liebster Blog Award. That definitely made my Monday. Keep reading and you’ll see my answers to Sofia’s questions, eleven facts about me and my … Continue reading

Easter Magnets DIY.

Make your fridge (or magnet board) happy and ready for spring with these lovely pastel Easter Egg Magnets. Easter is just around the corner so grab your crafting materials and let’s head to another fun DIY project! [You need: Magnets.|Wodden … Continue reading

How are you?

I thought you might wonder how the seeds are that I sowed last week. They are growing•growing•growing every day and it is so much fun to see how they develop. Every morning when I water them, something changed: Either it … Continue reading

Sweet it is!

Since I am crazy about baking and about everything miniature, it was absolutely clear that Mini Cream Cheese Brownies would catch my attention. I followed this recipe but instead of using a brownie pan I used tiny muffin paper cups. … Continue reading

Let’s talk business.

[Beautiful colors, dotted pants via] Honestly, for me it took some time to find the perfect go-to office uniform. I wanted something that said Business and You can take me seriously but that wasn’t the everybody-wears-the-same-black-suit-white-blouse style. For me, a … Continue reading

Hello, one-hundred.

Last week I’ve proudly welcomed the 100th follower of Blue.White.Striped. via WordPress. I am so thankful for everybody who reads this blog {either via WordPress, Facebook, Pinterest or Bloglovin} and I am so thankful for all your sweet and supportive … Continue reading

This Week’s 4.

[Our Gorgeous Easter Egg Collection.] I am totally overwhelmed by the fact that Easter is just around the corner. Time flies! And weather changes daily! 2 beautiful sunny days are followed by 4 snowy and extremly cold days. Feels like … Continue reading