This Week’s 4.

22222[Nothing beats my Mama’s dinners: Whole wheat crissinis wrapped with italian parma ham.]

What an exciting week! We had great dinner almost every night, went out to eat sushi on Monday, crispy italian pizza and white wine on Tuesday, Burritos on Wednesday and Mama’s homemade Lasagna yesterday. So tonight we have to hit the gym to stay grounded. Despite all that great food, I’ve got a job interview for an interesting position in personal management –  since I have a Bachelor in Business Administration/Human Resources (and am currently working on my Master degree) that would be a great chance to develop professionally, so please cross fingers! I deeply hope that you all had a great and exciting week as well. Have a lovely weekend, everybody. ♥Mila.

222222222[In ♥ with my new ring.]

article-0-1776E7AB000005DC-589_626x1123[Kate Beckinsale is such a beautiful woman and I love her pink coat. Where can I get it? Picture via]

1[Delicious sushi on Monday Night.]

*Photo credit front winter pic = my lovely Carlotta*


3 thoughts on “This Week’s 4.

  1. Kate’s pink coat is so lovely! Good luck for your job interview & have a nice weekend too!

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