Name it!

10Since two of my best friends have birthdays this week, I wanted to make something unique for them. Just something small I could add on their presents. So I decided to make Initial Nametags they could use as a keychain or on their mobile phone or their bags or their suitcases….what so ever. Designing these nametags is pretty easy and I am absolutely pleased with the result…ok, you can see that they are homemade but that’s what it’s all about, right?! [Maybe a great crafts project for your kids as well?!]

1So here’s what you need: 2 cups of flour. 1 cup of salt and cold water. Just mix flour and salt and carefully add water until the dough has the consistency of play dough.


3[Roll dough and cut out any shape you want. I chose the cap of a sodabottle for the perfect small shape.]

7[I used a tooth pick to pierce a hole through each nametag and wrote an initial on it. Then bake for about 2 hours at 250 °F / 120 °C.]

9[Let them cool and spray paint them in a color of your choice.]

11[Ready! Enjoy giving.]


5 thoughts on “Name it!

  1. Nice idea!
    Do you want follow eachother?

    I wait for you fo a new MANICURE POST!
    Kisses from Rome


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