This Week’s 4.

3[Incredibly Delicious Fennel/Orange Salad.]

Being able to spend more time outside due to the wonderful change in weather has been a great pleasure this week. Walking the streets, enjoying the waterline, taking pictures of growing blossoms, buying fresh flowers on the market, enjoying the sunlight… Things that are just priceless, that lift the mood immensely. I am looking forward to a (hopefully) sunny weekend, filled with not one but two birthday bashes, lots of fun and great food. Starting with great food today, I baked french baguettes this morning and am finally going to share the recipe on Tuesday! (Especially for lovely ladies Marie-Pier and Sina who asked me about a delicious bread recipe.) What are your plans for the weekend? Sun? Snow? Party? A great film? Let me know! #happyinternationalwomensday ♥Mila

1[By the water.]

2[Caipirinha on the balcony.]

4[Weekend Bread:Baguettes]


One thought on “This Week’s 4.

  1. Great pics, the waterline is beautiful. Have a nice weekend Mila! Can’t wait for that bread recipe! 😉

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