Monday Morning Getaway.

calanques-de-marseille[Turquoise water via]

Somehow I felt a lack of motivation and was totally uninspired the last days. I just felt stuck. Like nothing is moving on in a positive way, you know. I want to grow. I want to experience. I want to learn. I want to enjoy. But I feel stuck. My cousin wrote me an email this morning. Talking about her hectic schedule. About deadlines for several projects at work. It was the last sentence she wrote that made me smile: Besides that I am dancing and enjoying life. That made my day! This is what it’s all about. Acquiring a positive attitude and finding time for things you really enjoy. Things that make you happy. Spending time with people that boost your energy. I need more positive inspiration like this today, so instead of a magnet-for-your-fridge-DIY I thought about a quick getaway to the South Of France today. I highly recommend visiting the south of france. It is just gorgeous. We went there every year for 14 years and these photos represent so many wonderful memories: The smell of the salty sea, farmers markets, fresh croissants and baguettes, warm air, the smell of fresh fish and oysters with lemon, great hikes and french bubble gum. Priceless. I wish you all a wonderful monday! Good to know you! β™₯Mila.

French Soap2[Homemade french soap via]

croissant_2089853b[Buttery fresh croissants via]f00d5f7963c6d4fd7eda841112e24f0b[South french shoreline via]

south-france-jose-villa-2[Jose Villa via]

SONY DSC[Best breakfast: CafΓ© au lait et croissant de beurre via]

normandy_market_7374c[Poissons et moules via]


5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Getaway.

  1. I spend 3 weeks last summer in French Riviera and it was the best vacations ever! I can’t wait go back in a few months! Thanks for those lovely pictures, it brightens my Monday morning too!

      • I’ll probably be there between July 18th and August 2nd. We’re staying in Nice. Do you have plans to be there this summer too?

      • We are finally going to plan our summer vacation this weekend. I’d love to go to Sweden, Sardinia or to Nizza as well. I’ll keep you posted! πŸ™‚

  2. What a lovely post and SO true as positivity will make the day much better…that and a matching bra and pants (thats my tip!).

    Loves Anna x

    ps huge fan of France

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