Deux petite baguettes.

1[The beautiful south of france in mind I’d love to share with you the essential food when it comes to french cuisine: Baguette. Crispy and golden outside, soft and light as air inside it is the best bread I know so far and I can totally understand the obsession that comes with it. Looking for a recipe that comes close to the original baguettes I know from France took me a while. But this one is the first one that really brings me closer to the perfect one.]


[For two flûtes-baguettes you need: 250 grams all-purpose flour. 160 grams lukewarm water. 6 grams salt and 1 tablespoon yeast. Stir yeast into the water and wait for 2 minutes. Then give in the flour and the salt and mix all ingredients with a wodden spoon. Form a ball and cover it with flour and a wet towel.]

3[Let it rise for 20 minutes.]

4[Then punch it. Now you have to fold it. Be gentle with the dough, otherwise you will knead the air out of it. The dough should be smooth and light.]

678910[This is how you have to fold it: Upper left side in. Upper right side in. Buttom left side in. Buttom right side in. And you’ll get a cute little package. Place it back into the bowl. Open side down. Cover it with flour and a wet towel. Let it rise for 20 minutes. Then fold it again. Let it rise again for 20 minutes. Fold it one more time. Let it rise for 20 minutes again. ( You have to fold it 3 times in total ) Then you can form your baguettes.]

11[Please make sure to be gentle with the dough, otherwise the baguettes won’t rise in the oven. Just gently roll the dough until you get the form of a baguette. Let them rise for about 15 minutes.]

[Place the baguettes on a slightly greased baking tray and sprinkle them with water and a bit of flour. Cut diagonal slashes across the top before placing the dough into the oven for 20 minutes. 240°Celcius = 464°Fahrenheit. Extra tip: Place a tray or a pot of water into the bottom of oven to keep the baguettes moisturized.]


[Enjoy when it’s still warm with salted butter and pepper = Heavenly!]


Recipe credit: Aux délices d’Aurélie





3 thoughts on “Deux petite baguettes.

  1. The idea of making my own bread scares me, but I should give it a try, because those baguettes look sooo delicious!

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