Let’s talk business.

adee83a59bd5dbe9ea48514a49ddf332 [Beautiful colors, dotted pants via]

Honestly, for me it took some time to find the perfect go-to office uniform. I wanted something that said Business and You can take me seriously but that wasn’t the everybody-wears-the-same-black-suit-white-blouse style. For me, a business look has to be chic and classy but always has to contain personality and style. Working at an office with a business dresscode does not mean to become a tiny part in the black-suit-white-blouse crowd. Here are some inspirational pictures that are proof for the perfect mixture of business and casual-chic. What is your go-to office uniform?

ec79839b00188c97095be143fc9b93f9[Cute and colorful spring outfit via]

9fe2bec395a371e6485e9e9c8efe197a[Cobald blue blazer, pants and bag = ♥ ]

00049643-02[Chic pencil skirt via Forever21]

32d4250832dd2cd116eb35dd7188e36d[Casual blazer, skinny jeans and booties via ]

754a008f013a92bbccfa65fcd52f2889[Beautiful feminine outfit via. ]

4b32516afed467fb1a8f12dcd294e53f[Dotted pencil skirt via]


2 thoughts on “Let’s talk business.

  1. Love those polka dot pants. Lately my corporate wardrobe consists of pencil skirts with pretty patterned blouses. I’ve also taken to stocking up on some large gem statement necklaces to ‘finish off’ an outfit

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