This Week’s 4.

1[My favorite (french) chewing gum since my sister and I were kids: Strawberry flavored Hollywood.]

After an enormous fun and joyful week – my boyfriend and I went on a romantic (food shopping) trip to Luxembourg, I met some old and dear colleagues and was welcomed with champagne and cupcakes ( so sweet ) and went with my mama and my sister to a huge thrift store and bought gorgeous plates – I am über-excited for the upcoming Easter days and cannot wait to enjoy some family- and friends-filled moments. I wish you all a wonderful Easter weekend and some sunny, happy days! What are your plans for the holidays? ♥Mila.

madelines                             [Baking Inspiration and soooo french: Madeleines via.]

4[Hedge on a sunny and joyful day in March.]

romantic-outdoor-wedding-with-anthropologie-inspired-pink-peony-rose-centerpieces.original[Beautiful, beautiful peonies / roses centerpiece via.]


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