So fresh & so clean.

When it comes to soaps, I am actually a big fan of liquid soap, because it just feels less messy and somehow more hygienic to me. That slightly changed, when I found Seventh Tree Soaps on Etsy. Amy Ta’s handmade … Continue reading

Taco Bites.

As I’ve told you last week, the boyfriend and I hosted a great Fiesta themed party over the weekend. To share our love for mexican cuisine, we prepared these Taco Bites and what can I say? They were a hit! … Continue reading

Fiesta, Fiesta!

We invited some of our closest friends to celebrate a colorful, fun and festive fiesta dinner party this Saturday night. Last night I started crafting some garlands and paper flowers in sunny colors to decorate our living room. I just … Continue reading

A Seat by the Window.

[Black White Striped. Via.] Window seats? I love them! What a great way to fill the recess of a window. Don’t you agree, that there is something romantic about them that just makes you want to have one at your … Continue reading

This Week’s 4.

[ My Mama’s Oyster/Glass Decoration. ] I know, I know, I already said that last Friday but…is it really Friday? Already? The week went by so quickly, maybe because I had so much to do and to prepare. My Mama’s … Continue reading

Did you just say “Makeover”?

[Favorite No.1 Concrete Table via.] Here’s one thing: I am obsessed with Do-it-yourself projects and I am obsessed with incredible/gorgeous/insane/beautiful interior makeovers. Do you know these (cheezy) movies, where suddenly the “good” woman steps in and they repaint the whole … Continue reading