Easter Walk.

1[Kitty in the sun.]

I hope everybody had a great Sunday and enjoyed some family- and friends-filled Easter celebration. Since Easter Monday is a national holiday as well, we enjoyed an early morning walk in the sun, grabbed a coffee and some cake and will spend the rest of the day cooking and relaxing. Enclosed are some pictures from today’s stroll.

4[Sun. Riverside. Stones.]

2[I β™₯ my Hunter Boots.]

3[Ivy on plane tree.]


12 thoughts on “Easter Walk.

  1. Enjoy the sun for me! It has rained since the beginning of the day here. There’s nothing else to do than eating chocolate! haha!

      • There’s not a single cookie left in the bag! We can say we liked them! How come do you know those german gingerbread?

      • Because I am from Germany and they are my favorite store-bought Christmas cookies! πŸ™‚ They are called ‘Spekulatius’ here and you can make a festive parfait out of them or use the crumbs for a winterly Cheesecake! Just great! But for now I need to try your spring-like chicken pie. Seems to be so y u m m y! πŸ™‚

      • I didn’t knew you were from Germany! Those cookies came directly from your country because I have a friend who is from Germany too! I love cheesecake, I can imagine how delicious it would be with a crust made out from those cookies!
        You truly have to try the chicken pot pie recipe! It is part of our comfort food here in QuΓ©bec and it’s even more delicious with homemade ketchup.

      • Ah..that’s where you got them from! πŸ™‚ Cool! πŸ™‚
        The pie is on my to do list for the weekend! It just looks so colorful and delicious. Homemade Ketchup? Good idea! Do you cook canned tomatoes and add sugar and herbs or how do you do it?

      • Usually, the ketchup is made with tomatoes and fruits like apples or peaches. There are several variations, such as the green ketchup. It’s generally prepared in the fall at harvest time. It’s also a beautiful gourmet gift! I’ve never done homemade ketchup, I usually gets it as a gift or buy it at the grocery store. I would like to try to do my own kethchup next fall, along with a huge amount of tomato sauce! Here’s Ricardo’s recipe for homemade ketchup, it will give you a good idea!

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