Flavored Water.

4Since the days are slowly getting warmer now and I constantly think about BBQs, salads, drinks, friends and fun outside, I decided to make one of my favorite summer drinks: Homemade flavored water. For me, there is nothing more refreshing than sparkling water. Flavored with fresh fruits and herbs it is just indescribable delicious and oh so summery.

1[I decided on four ingredients: Fresh cucumber, organic lemons and oranges and mint. Just slice cucumber, lemons and oranges. You can also use frozen lemons/oranges as I’ve already shared here.]

3[Normally, I use either cucumber and mint OR lemon and mint OR orange and lemon to flavor the water. But today I wanted everything so I gave all the ingredients in a carafe and filled it with sparkling water.]

44[Let sit for several minutes and enjoy!]


6 thoughts on “Flavored Water.

  1. I always flavor water with lemons or limes. That’s a great twist and it looks so pretty!

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