Mila’s April Wishlist.

51duHOqVSJL._SL1200_[Beautiful Measuring Cups in the shapes of Matroyshkas via.]

With beautiful sunny weather outside it is time for some serious spring cleaning, don’t you think?! It is such a great and relieving feeling to reorganize the closet, rearrange the living room, add some flowers and let in the fresh summery air. This feeling in mind I found some gorgeous pieces that would fit perfectly into our freshly cleaned, colorful and ready-for-spring apartment. I deeply hope I can fullfill some of these wishes ’til the end of the month! Happy Moday! β™₯

YoungHouseLove[I love their blog and Marie-Pier recommended it big time! So I need this Young House Love Book via. ASAP!]

hf_c_mimosa_floral[A touch of spring in the apartment. Delightful Mimosa Candle via.]

image1xl[Lovely Key to Happiness Necklace via.]

horns_small[Porcelain Horn Sculpture via.]

51-kCasXI8L._SY450_[I NEED such a silver moroccan leather pouf. Would add such a great twist to our apartment. Via. ]

78404_whi_b[All time classic and such a great hostess gift: Monogrammed Mugs via.]


12 thoughts on “Mila’s April Wishlist.

      • I had a nice weekend loaded between family and friends. I just bought “The Perfectly Imperfect Home” by Deborah Needleman. I look forward to reading it, I love decorating books! My mom’s not feeling so great, I spent the entire day with her. I hope she’ll get better tomorrow. It’s very nice of you to ask.

      • Oh no…You can just try to pamper her now…buy magazines she loves and cook her one of your awesome dishes. πŸ™‚ Hope she’ll be better soon. I love decorating books as well. And cookbooks! Have dozens of them. By the way…just ordered the Young House Love Book!! (Yay!) πŸ™‚

      • Don’t worry, my mom always has a ton of magazines and I made her carrot soup and gave her a mini chicken pot pie!

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