Did you just say “Makeover”?

Weekdaycarnival_betonipöytä_betonitaso[Favorite No.1 Concrete Table via.]

Here’s one thing: I am obsessed with Do-it-yourself projects and I am obsessed with incredible/gorgeous/insane/beautiful interior makeovers. Do you know these (cheezy) movies, where suddenly the “good” woman steps in and they repaint the whole school/house/shop, rearrange the furniture and decorate with flowers? Always my favorite part! 🙂 It’s just so exciting and so inspiring to see, what is possible ( even with a small budget ). This is why I wanted to share six makeovers with you today, that are currently my favorites . Take a look and enjoy.

kitchen-reveal[I love this kitchen. You can find dozens of beautiful makeovers here.]

Ike Rast[Favorite No.2 Ikea Rast Makeover via = So classy, so gorgeous.]

coffee table[So simple but so beautiful. Coffee Table DIY via.]

kitchencooks-table-aug[Wonderful and extreme kitchen makeover by the lovely Kate.]

hmm_ep09_concretependantlamp_option2[DIY concrete pendant lamps via.]


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