A Seat by the Window.

window seat justin bernhaut[Black White Striped. Via.]

Window seats? I love them! What a great way to fill the recess of a window. Don’t you agree, that there is something romantic about them that just makes you want to have one at your home? For me, they symbolize relaxation, coziness and warmness. Unfortunately we are currently not able to incorporate a window seat in our apartment but looking at these gorgeous pictures I keep dreaming…! Happy Monday! ♥Mila.

tumblr_lfbtdrmg6W1qzlriyo1_500[Oriental. Via.]

tumblr_latcv2QhZF1qajrdyo1_500[Colorblocks. Via.]

pinterest.com[Rustic. Via.]

alvhem_132043724[Modern. Via.]

books,relaxation,serenity,library,dezin,espacios-77c08752c8e5ba9c377d5fe3b8f7a84f_h[Sourrounded by books and trees. Via.]


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