Is it really Monday? Already?


I can’t believe it is Monday already, the weekend just flew by and I had so much to do that today I don’t feel relaxed at all. Since I am used to a part-time job and studying, I guess it will take some time to adjust to a full-time job and lots of overtime hours. So it really depressed me, that I haven’t been able to post that often last week ( Can’t remember the last time I didn’t post This Week’s 4 on a Friday). Good thing is, May will be full of little escapes. We planned a trip to Hamburg, a day-long hike with our friends and lots of outdoor activities. And I’m looking forward to sharing all of this with you! But tell me, how do you handle blogging and working long hours?

Feel embraced! β™₯Mila.


2 thoughts on “Is it really Monday? Already?

  1. Yep, already Monday morning… Weekends go way too fast! I usually write my posts after dinner and after the gym, so sometimes it’s a bit late. Every Friday I tell myself “let’s write some posts in advance during the weekend” and, of course, there is always something else to do! Have a nice week! πŸ™‚

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