This Week’s 4.

[White Chairs.] Yesterday was a public holiday in Germany and it was one of these days that just felt oh-so-right! We spent the day with my sister, her boyfriend and a friend, took a long walk in the sunshine, ate … Continue reading


[Pistachios. Roasted seeds that are just incredibly tasty and so “communicating” – I can’t help but remember dinner parties and lots of fun eating and shelling pistachio nuts. Sure, I have to admit that pistacios aren’t for everybody. Either you … Continue reading

Put it in a box.

[A couple of weeks ago, I hit the flea market and found these colorful wooden cigar boxes. My sister bought a vintage one a decade ago and I envied it ever since, so I took the chance and brought home … Continue reading

This Week’s 4.

[Carlotta’s Rhubarb Cake. Similiar one here.] Today is May 24th and it has been raining all day, all week. Pretty annoying..since we originally planned a big outdoor/BBQ party for the weekend. That calls for a change of plans but won’t … Continue reading

Mini Asparagus Quiches.

[For dinner parties or a play-night with friends, I just love food in miniature form. It is easier to eat, because it’s just much more handy and contains the mess. Since it’s asparagus time right now, I took the chance … Continue reading

.The Great Unboxing.

[Remember how I’ve shared this post about wallets? I desperately wanted a new wallet. A leather wallet. I’ve told you, that I had narrowed it down to four wonderful pieces. Prada. Michael Kors. Tory Burch. and Liebeskind. And remember what … Continue reading

This Week’s 4.

[Gorgeous House in Hamburg.] This week has been so exhausting ( work-wise ) but so rewarding ( family-wise ). This week is my beloved sister’s birthday week! Happy Birthday, lovely Carlotta! I love you more than words can say and … Continue reading

Great finds.

              [Unique giraffe art via.] Oh friends…this week is exhausting! I am working long (long) hours every day and haven’t seen much more than workplace – kitchen – bathroom – bedroom – bathroom – kitchen – workplace … Continue reading