May 1st.


Today is May 1st, national holiday in Germany. So the boyfriend and I will join a huge group of friends for a day-long hike / geo-caching activity, spring picnic and drinks. I am so happy to spend the day outside in the sun. Since today is all about relexation and celebration with our closest friends, I want to share with you the last bit of our Mexican Themed Party: The Decoration. I already posted the uber-delicious food and how I made the garlands. And since it’s May 1st, a big shout out to one of my dear childhood friends, Matthias: Happy Birthday, darling! Hope you’ll all have a wonderful day, you guys! Feel embraced. β™₯Mila.






6 thoughts on “May 1st.

      • Haha or better said: empty because every one is either at home in front of the TV or in a bar in front o a TV. Do you follow Munich? (I have it on the radio!)

      • No I didn’t, but I’m definitely watch the finale! πŸ™‚
        Hope you’ll have a wonderful weekend, lovely! πŸ™‚

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