.The Great Unboxing.

1[Remember how I’ve shared this post about wallets? I desperately wanted a new wallet. A leather wallet. I’ve told you, that I had narrowed it down to four wonderful pieces. Prada. Michael Kors. Tory Burch. and Liebeskind. And remember what I’ve told you about my big sister Carlotta? How kind she is? So here’s what happened. The boyfriend and I met my sister and her man for some pizza and wine in an italian restaurant the other day. After we had ordered, my sister gave me this box. I was totally perplexed but opened it. In there was the Liebeskind wallet I shared on the blog. My sister saw it and bought it for me. Just because, she said. It came with a note that said Thank you for being my sister. I am still over the moon writing this. What a sweet and thoughtful gesture. Thank you, Lotta!]

2[I love the lilac tissue paper.]


4[Turquoise and lilac = Great color combination.]


6[Thank you so much, Carlotta!]



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