This Week’s 4.

1[White Chairs.]

Yesterday was a public holiday in Germany and it was one of these days that just felt oh-so-right! We spent the day with my sister, her boyfriend and a friend, took a long walk in the sunshine, ate delicious cake, drank coffee and spent the afternoon doing a jigsaw-puzzle. And it got me again! Puzzling! Eventhough it seems to be pretty bourgeois and boring to a lot of people, to me it is just a great way to relax! Besides that, it always reminds me of my childhood and lots of great hours puzzling animal or nature puzzles with the whole family. So you understand, that I just can’t wait to head out to the toystore later today to buy me a beautiful new puzzle! Geek! ♥Mila.

2[Summer Mojito.]

rav_ziel_puzzler_07[Puzzle Fever via]

4[Best part of a brunch: Carlotta’s homemade strawberry quark.]


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