How great is this?

Recently, I thought about incorporating a new segment to the blog. In How great is this? I will share great/beautiful/delicious/funny/inspiring things I found on the internet. No.1 I shared her blog several times now, but I just can’t get enough … Continue reading

This Week’s 4. [Belated Version]

[So summery: Fresh fruits.] I haven’t posted in ten days. I am devastated by this. I need blogging so much. It is an welcomed outlet for my creative side and brings so much fun and relaxation. But work currently demands … Continue reading

Asparagus Prosciutto Quiche.

[This year, I am seezing every minute of the asparagus season, because I know in the twinkling of an eye it will be done and gone. On Saturday I originally wanted to make the delicious asparagus quiche I already shared … Continue reading

DIY Polka Dot Wall Art.

[A new Wall Art project, lovelies! After I have shared this, this and this Wall Art project, I came up with another one over the weekend. I wanted/needed an accent piece for our bedroom; one that would match our turquoise … Continue reading

Coconut Summer.

[You may all know by now that I love love love natural flavored drinks. I’ve already talked about them here and here. But when I recently strolled through a wholefoods store, these cute packages caught my eye. Coconut Water. I … Continue reading


[Beautiful Colour Pop Glass via.] I could spend hours thinking about new glassware for our future bar cart. “Future”, because we don’t have one yet, I just haven’t found the one that would fit perfectly. Looking at all these incredibly … Continue reading

DIY Color Blocking ChopSticks.

[Since I am a big fan of sushi and algae salad, you can always find chopsticks in our kitchen. To give them a colorful twist for an upcoming “Japanese Dinner” with friends, I decided to paint them with my favorite … Continue reading