DIY Color Blocking ChopSticks.

2[Since I am a big fan of sushi and algae salad, you can always find chopsticks in our kitchen. To give them a colorful twist for an upcoming “Japanese Dinner” with friends, I decided to paint them with my favorite nailpolish. I am absolutely pleased with the result and can’t wait for my guests to see them. Happy Monday, Lovelies! ♥ Mila.]

1[You need.    Raw Wood Chopsticks.    Nail Polish.    Sand Paper.]

6[That’s how.    Sand down the top of each chopstick with the sand paper to make it easier for the nail polish to stick on the wood. You won’t skip that step, cause the nail polish sticks much better to the chopsticks than without.]

3[Wash the sanded sticks and let them dry. If the Chopsticks are completely dry, start painting them with your favorite nail polish. [I painted the top of every chopstick with the same blue nail polish, to give the sticks a two-tone look.] Let them dry and make sure that they don’t touch, otherwise they will look nasty and uneven.]

4[Finally enjoy your pretty colorful chopsticks and invite your friends over for a joyful sushi dinner!]



2 thoughts on “DIY Color Blocking ChopSticks.

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment, M! I love the project because it’s so easy but rewarding. And the chopsticks wash really well. But I would recommend to handwash them. Wish you a great day! 🙂 Mila.

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