24316283_102_b[Beautiful Colour Pop Glass via.]

I could spend hours thinking about new glassware for our future bar cart. “Future”, because we don’t have one yet, I just haven’t found the one that would fit perfectly. Looking at all these incredibly beautiful bar carts you can find on Pinterest just makes me wanna have one as well. Especially for the upcoming (summer) dinner nights and cocktails with friends. I hope to find the perfect bar cart pretty soon. Meanwhile I am collecting ideas and inspiration for classic and chic glassware. Happy Tuesday, everybody! ♥.

frasera-whiskey-glass__0207423_PE336721_S4            [Classic Whiskey Glasses via.]

973172_053_b[Playful Juice Glass via.]

8256979_fpx.tif[Zebra Glass via Bloomingdales.]


4 thoughts on “Glass.

  1. I don’t know why, but I can’t help myself buying glasses, like if each drink should have his own type of glass!

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