This Week’s 4.


[This is what the last week looked like.]

I am so sorry for this delayed edition of This Week’s 4. I am used to post at least four times a week, but the last week? Not so much..! But I have an excuse: My lovely sister and her boyfriend got a new appartement and we spent the whole week there painting, renovating, cleaning. Every day. After work. And yes, it has been exhausting, but we are done now and the appartement looks gorgeous! So it was worth all the hard work and long hours. We already brought some furniture but official Moving Day will be next weekend. I can’t wait to see the final result and the appartement fully furnished. I hope you had a great weekend and I hope you’ll all have a wonderful new week. xo Mila.


[Well deserved and relaxing breakfast in the sun with the boyfriend = ♥.]


[Desk in Carlotta’s new appartement + Always absolutely essential = Fresh Flowers.]


[Perfection after an exhausting week. Homemade Gin Tonic.]


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