DIY Polka Dot Wall Art.

4[A new Wall Art project, lovelies! After I have shared this, this and this Wall Art project, I came up with another one over the weekend. I wanted/needed an accent piece for our bedroom; one that would match our turquoise wall and white furniture perfectly. Luckily I bought this cute polka dot tissue paper at TK Maxx (I guess in the U.S. it’s TJ Maxx) last week. I already had this Ikea frame and black spray paint, so the project cost like..nothing! But it looks like an unique and expensive piece of art. I just ♥ DIYing! ]

2[What you need. Tissue Paper. White Frame. Spray Paint. Of course you don’t have to spray paint the mat of the frame, but I think it gives the art piece that certain something.]

3[Spray paint the frame mat black and let it dry. After the mat dried, measure out the size of the tissue paper. Using the back of the frame or the glass of the frame will help you cut out the right size. Now you just have to put the mat and the tissue paper back in the frame and you’ve already got your very own, very beautiful, unique piece of art.]

8[I just love how gorgeous it looks in this white/turquoise/black/green color scheme.]

6[Hip Hip Hooray, DIY!]


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