This Week’s 4. [Belated Version]

1[So summery: Fresh fruits.]

I haven’t posted in ten days. I am devastated by this. I need blogging so much. It is an welcomed outlet for my creative side and brings so much fun and relaxation. But work currently demands my full attention. I am working long hours everyday, even on weekends and there is no end in sight. Exhausting. But I am determined to get back on track and find more time to blog. It won’t be 5 days/week posts anymore, but at least 2, I promise. Meanwhile I’d love to share my 4 favourite things this week. Summer all over the place! I wish you a wonderful week, lovelies! ♥ Mila.

PS: A big shout out to the lovely Sofia from Papaya Pieces! Happy Belated Birthday, Dear!

2[Summer Must Have: Espandrilles.]

7[Lots of sweet inspiration.]

6[Homemade cucumber relish.]


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