Cake, anyone?


[Life’s not always sweet as cake. There are times when life is stressful, full of work, worries, fears and doubts. And even big, significant changes. But that doesn’t mean that life stopped being beautiful, these are just moments where we aren’t able to see the full picture. Go for a walk at the beach, enjoy a cocktail with your friends in the sun, take a look at your favourite pictures, make yourself your favorite dish or just listen to music that seems to heal you. It won’t be tomorrow, but after a couple of months, you’ll be able to see, that even though that door closed behind you, life opened another, even more beautiful one for you. And you’ll be happy to ask: CAke, anyone?]

[This is for you, mp!]

2[Delicious cake with white chocolate topping that I made for my sister’s birthday.]


7 thoughts on “Cake, anyone?

    • 🙂 Yeah! I hope we’ll meet some day and you’ll show me your beautiful city! Hope you had a great day! Sun keeps shining here in Germany! 🙂

      • Yay that would be great! I think you have better weather there because everytime you mention the sun is shining in Germany, its raining here hehe (today its sunny though!)

  1. Wow Mila, you brought tears to my eyes but these one were not tears of sadness. I look forward the day I’ll want to bake a cake again and this cake will certainly make me think of you. And I wish I could eat it with you to celebrate the opening of a new door. I can’t thank you enough for all the support and love you give me, I truly appreciate it. xx

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