Savon de Marseille.

1 SoapI’ve always admired the soaps from Savon de Marseille. Especially the beautiful liquid soap glass bottles and the chic logo. But at $ 21 / € 15 a bottle I never brought myself to buy one. Until last week. My mother, my sister and I took some days off and went to the beautiful city of Maastricht, Netherlands. We had so much fun and discovered a lot of great places and (design) shops. Oh my, the Dutch have such great taste! [ Photos will follow soon.] Anyway, I saw a collection of these soaps at a design/clothing/accessory shop called Sissy Boy and just had to buy one. To make it even more special I asked them to wrap it ( I can highly recommend that! Feels so good to make yourself a present!) and what can I say? This soap is worth all the money! It comes out really smoothly and leaves your hands oh-so-soft and heavenly fragrant! Perfect purchase!

3 Soap

2 Soap


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