This Week’s 4.

[Best Italian Sweets: Ringo Cookies.] You Guys. This is the last week of our holidays and on Monday we’ll be back at work. I am gonna miss the high amount of quality time with my family, friends and boyfriend but … Continue reading

Europe. Part 1.

[Italian Garage/Auto Shop.] Exploring Europe is always fun. There is so much we’ve already seen but so many more great places we desperately want to visit. Like I’ve already told you on Monday, we’ve decided to take a road trip … Continue reading

Privato. Life recently.

YOU GUYS! Thank you so much for your sweet and caring comments and messages via Twitter, Facebook, Email and the Blog! I totally forgot to tell you about my summer vacation. [Shame on me!] So no reason to worry! This … Continue reading

Something [old.]

Hey everybody, it’s Lotta speaking, Mila’s sister. I am a big fan of DIY projects, just like my sister. But what I like even more is going to a flea market to look for nice and unique items. Don’t get … Continue reading

This Week’s 4.

[No photoshop needed here: Beautiful summer sky.] As the heatwave continues, we try to seize every moment of these beautiful, sunny summer days. BBQs, After work cocktails by the beach, outdoor dinners and bike rides are just some of our … Continue reading