Something [old.]

Hey everybody, it’s Lotta speaking, Mila’s sister. I am a big fan of DIY projects, just like my sister. But what I like even more is going to a flea market to look for nice and unique items. Don’t get me wrong, I really like modern furniture. In fact, a majority of my flat is furnished with shelves, cupboards etc by IKEA. I really like their style, but to give my flat a more personal and unique touch, I rely on flea market finds. Actually, some of my most favourite items are from the flea market. Today I want to present some of my latest treasures and how they have found their place in my flat.

11     [How do you like them? Have you ever found something really great on a flea market or on ebay?]

 1[The mirror in its 50s style fits perfectly on my vintage sideboard and gives this corner of my living room a nice retro California touch I think.]

  2 [I use the cake stand to serve cakes and doughnuts of course, but currently it displays some of my most favourite kitchenware that is too nice to be stored away. Always think out of the box, people! You will be surprised by the results.]

   3And what better way to use these milk cans than as vases? I think they look so nice and rustic with some colourful summer flowers in them. Yet the shiny material makes them fit in the otherwise modern and white surrounding.


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