Privato. Life recently.


YOU GUYS! Thank you so much for your sweet and caring comments and messages via Twitter, Facebook, Email and the Blog! I totally forgot to tell you about my summer vacation. [Shame on me!] So no reason to worry! This is what I was up to in the last couple of weeks: The boyfriend and I took a roadtrip through beautiful Europe. We had a blast and I can’t wait to share more pics of our lovely country and the gorgeous continent we are living on. [EUROPE!] And I can’t wait to share lots of new interior DIYs and great recipes that I’ve picked up during our time in Italy. I’ve missed you, lovelies! Happy Monday! ♥Mila.

SAMSUNG[Such a cliché but oh-so-good: German beer, sausages and sauerkraut.]

4[Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous house in Italy.]

2[Austrian/Italian MAUT station.]


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