Europe. Part 1.

6[Italian Garage/Auto Shop.]

Exploring Europe is always fun. There is so much we’ve already seen but so many more great places we desperately want to visit. Like I’ve already told you on Monday, we’ve decided to take a road trip this year and visited our beloved Munich, the Alps, Austria and Italy. We had so much fun and I can’t recommend it [ as a great way to travel ] enough. And I made manymanymany photos. Of course. Personally, I don’t like to look at thousands and thousands of holiday pictures. I think it’s boring. Especially if the person talks half an hour to explain one photo, eventhough the following ones look excactly the same. [ Sorry. ] This is why I’m planning to share just a couple of my favourite photos with you in the upcoming days. I hope you like them. And I hope you won’t get bored. β™₯Mila.

SAMSUNG[Huge Antipasti Plate With Mint Pickled Zucchini? = Wow!]

8[Oleander Everywhere! So Beautiful.]

3[Streetsign On Our Way To Lake Garda.]



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