This Week’s 4.

4[Best Italian Sweets: Ringo Cookies.]

You Guys. This is the last week of our holidays and on Monday we’ll be back at work. I am gonna miss the high amount of quality time with my family, friends and boyfriend but I can’t wait to see all me lovely colleagues and get back to my work projects. [ Is this really me speaking? ] Since we spent the whole week at home, I had plenty of time to try out new recipes and DIY projects and pick out vases and clothes for an upcoming fleamarket. [ Time to declutter! ] Later today we are heading to a climbing forest for some outdoor fun. What are your plans for the weekend? ♥Mila.

SAMSUNG[Normally, I Don’t Like Pork. But This Schweinebraten With Sauerkraut And Klöße? Yummy.]

6[Black And White Striped Fabric For A New Interior Design Project. ]

2[New Addition To The Family: Wonderful Little Olive Tree We Brought Home From An Italian Tree Nursery.]


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