Europe. Part 2.

7[Fresh Veggies At An Italian Farmer’s Market.]

Part two of our road trip through Europe. Well, parts of Europe. The time we spent in Itlay was precious. Eventhough I’ve been to Italy a couple of times before, I always thought to be a much bigger fan of France. Well I still am, but the hospitality and kindness of the Italian people was just awesome. Not to metion the uber-delicious food and wine. Sadly we both hardly speak italian [ That has to change! We already booked a language class.], but we still managed to place our orders in Italian – I just think it is a sign of respect to TRY to talk to people in their native language instead of just expecting them to talk your language. What’s your opinion on that? Do you try to learn simple words/greetings in different languages? ♥Mila.

4[Crystal Clear Water at Lake Garda.]

11[Perfect For Daylong Hikes: The Allgäu.]

9[I just loved this sign in front of an italian supermarket! Just couldn’t help laughing!]


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