This Week’s 4.

1[Homemade pasta = ♥.]

You guys! Thank you so much for your kind “welcome back” messages. I am truly grateful for your kind words and for a very productive week. I worked on a couple of fun projects and can’t wait to share them with you guys. One was preparing our first-ever homemade pasta. ( I gifted the boyfriend with an original italian pasta machine.) Turns out, making homemade pasta is pretty easy and uberdelicious. I am thinking about making some fresh pumpkin pasta for a perfect seasonal hostess gift. Happy Halloween.

2[In love with this book.]

mb_1013_popovers_hd[Essential for a perfect sunday morning breakfast. Martha Stewart’s Popovers.]

4[My favorite pre-christmas decoration: Floating golden pine cone.]


5 thoughts on “This Week’s 4.

  1. Your homemade pasta look absolutely delicious. I’ve always wanted to make my own pasta but I’m kind of scared! Have a nice weekend Mila 🙂

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