Did you just say Christmas?


[It is that time of the year, my friends! Since Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, I am already dreaming about decorating the beautiful christmas tree, baking cookies and enjoying dinner parties with our favorite people. I couldn’t help but start the whole decorating process, but since we are hosting this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, I didn’t want it to look too festive yet. So, do you like my try?]


[I bought these tiny trees at Ikea and wrapped them in beautifully neutral paper. The wreath is made out of tissel garland and white jingle bells. My two dachshunds ( I prefer the german word Dackel ) live on our mantel throughout the whole year as you can see here and here.]

4[The gorgeous white ceramic house fits in perfectly.]


[Did you start decorating yet?]

4 thoughts on “Did you just say Christmas?

  1. I really like what you did with the striped wrapping paper. What a clever idea! I think I’m gonna dress up my Christmas tree during the weekend, I can’t wait no longer! I saw white ceramic houses last weekend at Target, it made me think of you!

    • πŸ™‚ You’re too cute! Did you buy one yourself?
      I hope you’re gonna share some pictures of your christmas tree. Can’t wait to see it!
      xo Mila.

      • The temperatures went up this weekend and the snow has melted. So there’s no Christmas tree in the house yet! Maybe next week! I didn’t bought any ceramic house, but now that you’re talking about it, I may go back and get one for my fireplace!

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