Gin, please!


[My love affair with gin tonic just begun this summer. A dear friend of ours invited us over for a BBQ filled night and convinced me to try a gin with tonic water also known as gin tonic. Since I don’t like hard liquor at all, I wasn’t excited but gave it a try. Truth be told I fell in love with this fresh, simple, doesn’t-taste-that-extremly-like-alcohol drink. We tried several gins, tonic waters and sodas and even though there are really great gins out there, I narrowed it down to my favorite go-to drink: Bombay Sapphire with sprite and sliced cucumber. The sliced cucumber gives the gin a beautifully fresh twist and the sparkling sprite adds just enough sweetness. Sounds like heaven? Try it!]

3[Fill the bottom of a longdrink glass with crushed ice.]

6[My No.1 for gin*cucumber*sprite: Bombay Sapphire. To enjoy gin purely: Taste the really great german Monkey 47. To enjoy it with tonic water, try out Hendrick’s. Best tasting (and looking) tonic water: Thomas Henry.]

7[Add 2 cl gin.]


8[Add some cucumber slices for a fresh twist.]

9[Fill with sparkling sprite and .. Enjoy the best gin sprite you’ve ever had.]


One thought on “Gin, please!

  1. OMG I loooove gin tonic! I always order one (or two – or three) when I go out with my girlfriends. And I love cucumber, so I’ll try this recipe for sure next weekend!

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